• Alimuddin Civil Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Science, Ibn Khaldun University Bogor
  • Yudith Vega Paramitadevi 2Engineering and Environmental Management Study Program, Vocational School of IPB University
Keywords: Sustainable Development Issues, FGD, Dynamic Systems, Depok City


Sustainable development is a process of development (land, city,business, community,etc.) that principled "meet the needs of the present without sacrificing the fulfillment of the needs of future generations". One of the factors that must be faced to achieve sustainable development is how to improve environmental destruction without compromising the needs of economic development and social justice. Administratively, Depok city is flanked by the city of Jakarta and Bogor, causing depok city to become a very strategic area. This causes Depok city to become a city that grows rapidly over time. The purpose of this study is to analyze the issue of sustainable development in Depok. This research uses Focus Group Discussion (FGD) method and dynamic system model. The result of this study is that the 39 sustainable development issues are grouped based on sector similarities and themes from netted issues to 9 sustainable development. This research is expected to be one of the considerations for decision-making to conduct sustainable development in Depok.  


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